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TEACHINGTOOLS brings together two worlds: the legal guidelines on data privacy and tools for digital education. Our goal is to unite EU GDPR legislation with high-quality digital tools that ensure that teachers can provide optimum educational experiences while ensuring the data privacy rights of individuals in the EU and EEA are protected. Spurred on by the closing of schools during the COVID-19 pandemic, the popularity of MOOCS, the ever-growing numbers of education apps and tools available, and companies’ appetites for user data, ensuring that this combination of judicial and pedagogical elements in online education is assured is becoming a more important issue every day.


The EU GDPR was established in 2018, but many organisations are still unsure of how to tailor their products to these regulations and schools and teachers often are not familiar with the GDPR requirements. There is also no tool that evaluates GDPR compliancy for the entire EU and EEA.

Our project will have an impact in many ways.

 Teachers will have the chance to voice their thoughts about digital tools and share their needs and wishes. Our project will present them with a variety of high-quality tools compliant with GDPR. The teacher-centricity of the catalogue will save teachers time and resources. Testing multiple digital tools for quality or data protection requirements will no longer be necessary as both teachers and schools will be able to trust the resources included in our catalogue and know that their data rights are protected and that they are supplying their students with quality materials.

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